Family Histories

Family Histories build a foundation – for contemporaries as well as future generations. Not only do they allow our children and grandchildren to access their heritage and understand the legacy they are a part of, they also lay the foundation upon which future generations can build their own legacy, continuing the saga started by their predecessors. A Family History is an heirloom that only becomes more valuable over time.

Rather than focusing on just one individual, a Family History weaves together the stories and recollections of the different members, thus creating a much bigger picture. Family Histories often start with two or even three generations. Through the wide lens of multiple generations reoccurring patterns can emerge, and the evolution of dreams and values through time is rendered transparent. Family Histories allow us to see our individual lives in a personal, yet much larger frame of reference.

Family Histories by nature pay tribute to those who came before us and enabled us to be where we are. They can be created from the recollections of one key individual or woven together from numerous sources including relatives, friends and community members.

“Storyzon has done a beautiful work in capturing my grandparents’ story. Particularly the section with the art work is just exquisite. It’ll be a heirloom for generations. ”

Renee Brunner Gold