Life Stories

Telling life stories is a deeply satisfying experience in that it allows people to be heard, to share experiences, and to span a bridge to the next generation. Listening to life stories brings home the lives and personalities of those we care about in a way that is at once unique and familiar.
In creating autobiographies, we at Storyzon do not strive to paint a complete landscape of a person’s life but rather one that captures — as with a few strokes of a brush — the spontaneity and spirit of memorable moments. A landscape painted this way radiates with the personality of the subject and keeps alive the connection — from generation to generation.Autobiographies at a glance:

  • High-quality personalized books
  • Design by an award-winning art director
  • Experienced interviewers, writers, and editors
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Photo and document processing
  • Quality guarantee

“Talking about my life to Jürgen from Storyzon was an incredible, cathartic experience. We talked freely, like old friends, and I started to realize that my life had been much more than just a valley of tears. I had funny stories to share; there was even joy and bliss in my life. It was very liberating. Aside from giving birth to my daughter, the process of getting my story written down was the most precious experience and accomplishment of my life. ”

Louise Dontigny Quao