The creation of a personal autobiography or a company biography is a simple, transparent process, and we work closely with our clients every step of the way. The duration varies from a few weeks to several months. The book is based on interviews as well as any written material provided to us (documents, diaries, letters, etc.). We strive to accommodate individual needs in the choice of location and interview time, the narrative tone and style of the story, and the layout and design of the book.

Here is an outline of the major steps involved in creating your biography:

Survey and Concept Development

In order to prepare for the interview process, we first meet to clarify the basic framework of your life story, including phases of your life, important people, and accomplishments. At this time, we also discuss your hopes and goals for this project, the length of the book, the frequency and duration of interviews, and overall timelines, as well as any concerns or questions you may have.


Interviews are conducted in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, without time pressure. Interview schedules range from daily to weekly to monthly sessions. The total interview time typically takes anywhere from four to forty hours. Stories are recorded both digitally and on audiotape, and copies can be made available upon request. The interviews are then transcribed from audiotape to a written text.

Story Creation

Based on the transcript, we help craft your story by chronologically organizing the material, weaving together the various narrative threads, editing for grammatical correctness, and fine-tuning your personal voice and tone. We then create a preliminary text layout and include photos, letters, or other documents. You receive a first draft of the manuscript, either electronically or by mail, in order to review, fact-check, and edit the story as you see fit.

Final Edit and Preparation

Upon receiving the manuscript back from you, we incorporate your edits and proofread the text. Our graphic designer prepares the final layout. Upon request, you can review the final draft to ensure that all modifications have been made to your satisfaction. Once you are satisfied, our graphic designer sends the book to the printer, where it is produced to the specifications discussed during Concept Development.

Book Launch

We strongly recommend unveiling your book at a formal event, such as a party with family and friends. This is a major accomplishment and it deserves to be celebrated! We are happy to assist you in presenting your book for this occasion. The party can be held at a special location, where a chapter of the book can be read. It is an occasion to celebrate and keep the connection alive.

“Jürgen Möllers, and his talented staff, were remarkable. They are an exceptional and expert group of writers, historians, editors and graphic designers. After losing my Mom, her life story is our treasure. I can’t imagine allowing my mom a greater gift during the last chapters of her life, and a greater gift for the family and friends who loved my mom. Her book contains the magic we all wish to hold, preserve and carry on. Thank you, Jürgen/Storyzon, for a book that fills my heart with happiness. ”

Kirsten Brockman

Jurgen Mollers in conversation with Bruce Westphal, former CEO and President of Bay Alarm